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Hey Stranger

I’m Sean Durfee. I'm a designer. Sort of. I’m a designer but I'm also front-end developer and project manager who comes from a background in international relations. ... I don’t really know what I am. “Fusionist” sounds like a bad superhero name from the 60s and “creative” rubs me the wrong way. However you word it, I help people and businesses find humble solutions to complex problems. Sometimes that involves writing code, other times it’s a brand refresh, creating a product, or breathing new life into an old project. Sometimes it’s all of the above and other times it’s something completely new.

I keep busy

Designer & developer: House House Design; designer & developer, fire extinguisher: Vancouver Design Week.

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I like things

Typography, photography, food, and flying. Mountains, dogs, beaches, and bourbon. Coffee, coding, barbeque's, and books. Philosophy, history, poli-sci and sci-fi. Fitzgerald, Eco, Murakami, and Mitchell. Quiet moments in loud places.

I've worked with cool cats